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Life Cycle Compass

The Life Cycle Compass in the NEWS to all things. Whether it is personal, business or organisational, The LCC covers all areas and brings everything together.

Focusing on the 4 elements – Neutralise, Energise, Wealthatise, and Systemise. 

The philosophy is that no matter who you are or what stage of life you are at, we are all equals going through the Life Cycle Compass.

Mel Rosamond was given the Life Cycle Compass from the higher power to help herself and share the knowledge she's been given to all walks of life. 

The message is that its ok to live the natural cycles of life, the ups the downs and everything in between and that life is never a straight line. 

She wanted an acronym for the compass to represent north, south, east and west and one morning around 4 am she miraculously woke to 4 words within seconds and is what she calls the NEWS to all things.  

Those 4 words that were given to her are:

NEUTRALISE – Neutralising your body, mind, environment and life

ENERGISE – Energy is everything

WEALTHATISE – What is wealth to you … money, relationships or both? 

SYSTEMISE – There is a system for everything



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