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How Mel Rosamond Can Help You?


Mel Rosamond is Australia's Real Estate Connector, Marketer and Consultant. She is the founder of Real Estate Connectors, Local Feature and the Life Cycle Compass. Based in Old Bar, NSW Australia, Mel is a National and World Wide Real Estate Agent who travels Australia when she is not in Old Bar CONNECTING PEOPLE TO PROPERTY. Spreading the message for agents to COLLABORATE and work together by way of referrals, conjunctions, and joint exclusives in this NEW digital age. Mel also offers SPECIALISED CONSULTING 9 days a year for selected people and organisations.

REAL ESTATE - Mel Rosamond connects people to property Locally, Australia and World Wide. Mel is the pioneer of real estate agents collaborating by working TOGETHER to achieve the best results for people like you. Connecting real estate professionals, conveyancers, solicitors, bankers, pest and building inspectors, designers, builders and all stakeholders of the real estate process. Mel Rosamond has you covered for all of your real estate needs when it comes to buying and selling property. For more information on Mel's Real Estate Services go to : 

Real Estate CLICK HERE

Real Estate  Connectors

Mel is the founder of Real Estate Connectors and can assist in selling property with agents in Australia and the world. Her passion and gift is with coastal properties including: beach homes, homes on the river and water view properties. With children's names like Ocean, Island, Reef and Shell, you know Mel is your agent when it comes to coastal properties. Residing in Old Bar on the Mid Coast of NSW and personally servicing home owners in Old Bar, Wallabi Point, Pampoolah, Bohnock, Oxley Island, Mitchells Island and Manning Point, Mel is not limited geographically and connects people to property in Australia and the world. If you are looking to combine your OLD with the NEW for the NOW, Mel Rosamond can help you to start your next chapter.

Buy a Dream Home

Life is short and you only live once, so ensure you secure your dream home. Email us at info@melrosamond.com.au and tell us your ideal home, the location, how many bedrooms, bathrooms, car parking and land size etc. and we’ll help you find your dream home.

Selling My Home

We can help you sell your property by providing the best marketing services for your property to achieve the highest price. We can customise your real estate package to suit your individual needs and you can choose what you do and don't want when it comes to selling your property. We work with licensed agents Australia wide, sharing the commission you pay to ensure you achieve best results.

Connecting People to Property

Whether you are buying or selling in Old Bar, Newcastle, Sydney, Brisbane, Australia or The World, Mel can connect you to the right real estate professionals to help you with your needs. Why choose one agent when you can work with agents who collaborate and are connected with real estate agents all over the world, ensuring you receive the best price

Moving You from Your OLD to Your NEW

With Mel Rosamond’s passionate analysis and management, your property, personal, business and organisational problems will be solved

Local Feature

Want your product, service or story to be seen online and offline? With Local Feature, you can reach more people, contribute to the world and make more money. Discover your purpose, design your gift and distribute your masterpiece to the world with Local Feature.

Click here to go to Local Feature


Marketing is the key to any business or organisation and will define your success. You may have the best product or service but without marketing know one will know about you and what you do. Local Feature can help you with marketing your business and help you to be seen. 


With unique and out-of-the-box ideas, Mel Rosamond with Local Feature can guide any individual, business or organisation into greatness. The worlds greatest places, discoveries, industries, products and services came together with genius ideas and a team of select individuals with different skills and abilities. If you're seeking an ideas expert, then Mel Rosamond with Local Feature can help move from your OLD and into you NEW. Consultations are very limited and by application only. 

Real Estate Testimonials

Thank you for your help in securing the property we purchased at Pampoolah. Your professional conduct throughout the sale and your great communication made the process smooth. We look forward to April when we move in and catch up for coffee. Thank you!

- Gary And Margaret Rimmer, Buyers

Mel Rosamond handled the sale of our house in Pampoolah. Mel is very professional and works in a very dedicated manner. We found her to be honest and reliable.

- Bruce And Deb Janson, Sellers

I wanted to sell my investment property without disturbing the new tenants with inspections. I honestly thought that this is impossible. She sold the property to the very first person she dealt with. I believe this is a testament to Melynne's superior skills as an agent. She is extremely dedicated and committed. She is an agent who knows her products. Thanks Mel, you're a pleasure to deal with.

- Pete Pattern, Seller

Life Cycle Compass

The Life Cycle Compass in the NEWS to all things. Whether it is personal, business or organisational, The LCC covers all areas and brings everything together.

Focusing on the 4 elements – Neutralise, Energise, Wealthatise, and Synergise. 

The philosophy is that no matter who you are or what stage of life you are at, we are all equals going through the Life Cycle Compass.

The Life Cycle Compass in the NEWS to True Life Purpose. 

Mel wanted an acronym for the compass to represent north, south, east and west, and one morning around 4 am she miraculously woke to 4 words within seconds and is what she calls the NEWS to all things. Those 4 words are: 

NEUTRALISE   -  Healing

ENERGISE    -  Spiritual


SYNERGISE    -  Relationships 


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